Harmful Waste Management

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  • Identifying, grading and marking the risk prone zones, decks and areas
  • Documenting checklists and procedures for safe removal, handling, transport and disposal of hazardous substances
  • Tanks of hazardous materials are cleaned periodically
  • Checklists for entry, operation and exit of employees in the risk zones
  • Regular monitoring in hazardous zones
  • Regular medical check up of employees exposed to harmful substances
  • The company works along with GEPIL (Gujarat Environment Protection & Infrastructure Ltd.) on safe removal of asbestos from ships
  • Best-in-class personal protection gear for employees dealing with hazardous materials
  • ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) is disassembled in Asbestos diminution centre
  • ACM is sprayed with a special fluid so that it remains soft and not friable
  • ACM is gathered in bags that are kept in the asbestos storage area and sent to TDSF site the following day without delay
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