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Being a strong advocate of a cleaner and greener environment, Priya Blue has instated the impermeable flooring. It is one of the pioneer ship recycling yards to invest in impermeable flooring. This flooring prevents oil seepage back into the sea, thereby maintaining a cleaner environment. Also, in case of emergency, the smooth and flattened surface, allows quick accessibility to ambulances and fire brigades.


We have an effective and well-mapped drainage system. The excess oil and waste is gathered and segregated and sent to the Gujarat Waste Recycling Plant. Containing and effectively disposing hazardous waste thereby effectively striving towards a clean environment is a strong motto of the company.

  • Control of oil leakage and spills
  • Adequate disposal of waste
  • Effectively handling hazardous material and waste on impermeable flooring
  • Effective drain pipes between the sea and the working areas
  • Collection of waste water in a drainage storage tank
  • Separate treatment of oily water
  • Presence of an oily water tank
  • Effective and protected pumping area for transferring disposal tank trucks
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